New Life Coach Inc: helping you achieve your greatest dreams. Here you will find for your further inspiration, advancement as well as personal development, some of the Testimonies acquired by New Life Coach in the natural progression of its mission.

Coach Stephanie

Professional Certified Christian Life Coach Mirror 2 The Heart

New Life Coach Inc. summed up in one word...... "OUTSTANDING". There's a difference between talented and anointed. This team of experts has talent but it's the anointing that sets them apart from the rest. They are passionate and understanding to those who need a coach and to those who are looking to become a coach. Many are called but only few are chosen and NLCI coaching program will bring out that distinction. ?I loved working with my instructor Bridget Burns. Bridget keeps you grounded and connected to your purpose. Now if you don't know your purpose when you start... believe me you will when you finish, because her gift of discernment with God's guidance is truly a blessing. If you are wondering if this is the right place for you, contact them. They are there to help steer you in the right direction. I highly recommend this organization and look forward to doing more with them in the future. Believe me they are pioneers on the cutting edge to becoming TREND SETTERS in the Life Coaching industry. Watch and see!

Cheranissa Roach

Ypsilanti, MI

When I called New Life Coach Inc, I had no idea that I would be trained by someone so highly motivated to help others succeed. After a few minutes talking to the Director, I began to see God in a new way. I began to see that He has a perfect plan for our lives and that he uses us to help others on their road to their purpose.I learned so much in the I fully support her and believe all who use him will be blessed personally and professionally.

Coach Chenise

Bridget Burns was an excellent coach trainer. I looked forward to each session. She challenged me in a lot of different ways in each session. Bridget was truly a Blessing

Nisha Ray

"You are never defeated until you stop trying"

was a blessing for me to find New Life Coach Inc. My training coach has done wonders in working with me and showing me the same empathy that I show to my clients now. They have held my hand and listened and prayed for me throughout my journey and I appreciate all they do and I have been able to create R.A.W. Enrichment Center, which is created to be a safe haven for women and youth to find their life passion. I am specializing in working with Single Mothers, Women and Youth and helping them through life transitions, parenting issues, and helping our youth find their voice and passion. I also work with Entrepreneurs/Start Up Businesses finding their ideal business to implementing and marketing. Thank you for everything you do day end and day out!


Not knowing anything about coaching or about the field, I wanted an introduction that was more than an overview or sales pitch but wasn't ready to invest thousands in training. I wanted an approach rooted in my Christian faith. The New Life Coach, Inc. Christian Life Coach training program was all of that and more. I received individual, one-on-one training from an experience and confident coach. We used a recognized and respected text for the course. And I was given the opportunity to actually coach a client through several sessions. It was everything I needed to make a decision regarding continuing with coaching and further education. I am very grateful for NLCI and the work they do!