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An 8-week training and professional certification or diploma course of extensive study on becoming a Life Coach. This is an advanced training organized into eight learning modules. We also offer continuous on-going training to all our students former and current for free. Classes are held every monday. Our Life Coach Training Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Please note: Once you start your first session of any of our courses the course is non-refundable however, prior to starting the course a refund will be given within 10 days. If you can’t complete the course in 8 weeks you are allowed an additional 4 weeks to complete it. You must start the course within 30 days or you will forfeit your payment. There are no exceptions

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Students needing to make your installment payment? Pay here (For NLCI students Only)

Here is where you make your installment payment No automated payments. It is the student’s responsibility to make their payment here online.

Student Payment Center (Installment)
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