How do I volunteer?

Superior coaching is a critical component in the success of our programs; therefore, a great deal of time and care goes into assembling the best team of coaches. In addition to being a warm, bright, and compassionate person you must also be a good listener, a creative thinker and demonstrate competency in coaching. You do not have to be of any particular religious faith or belief to volunteer; however, knowledge of spirituality may be helpful. All volunteers are required to have competed a coach-specific training and/or certification program in order to be considered for a volunteer position with NLCI. A potential volunteer may also submit diploma or complementary proof of completion from a coach-specific course or training facility in lieu of certification documents along with their volunteer application.

How the 6-Week Program Works

Once you have been approved as a volunteer coach and added to our network, you will be matched with clients according to your geographic area and coaching niche or interests whenever possible. You may coach up to 3 clients at a time based upon your desire and availability. You will be provided your client’s contact information and be expected to contact your client, submit a coaching agreement signed by both you and the client, and complete your first session within one week from accepting the assignment. Each week you will meet with your client, typically by telephone, for approximately one hour. Your client will have received a personal goal assessment package to work on with your support. The packet provides a structured tool that allows the client to make the most effective use of their 6-week program. It helps the client to narrow down their needs to one or two specific goals to work on during the program. Much the same as in any traditional coaching session, you will support, encourage and coach your assigned client in fulfilling these goals. You will do this using the skills you have learned in training, your personal experience, the tools identified in your Volunteer Coach Handbook and by assigning appropriate homework. You will also maintain weekly progress reports that should be submitted to your assigned mentor coach.

At the end of each week that you have an assigned client, you will update your mentor coach by email to discuss your sessions. You may use this time to further develop your coaching style as well as to get support on any difficult client issues. Your mentor coach will be an experienced and highly competent coach and should be used as a valuable resource for both NLCI business and you’re personal coaching needs. Because NLCI so strongly believes in continuing education and development, we provide the mentor service as an additional benefit to our dedicated volunteer coaches.

At the conclusion of the 6-week program, your client will be given the opportunity to provide NLCI with priceless feedback about our services and how well you did as a coach via an online survey. Your mentor coach will share some of this feedback with you so that you may continue to improve your coaching mastery. You may also offer the client additional assistance through your private coaching practice; a highly valuable method to increase your own business.

Other Benefits of Volunteering:

The personal satisfaction and enjoyment of affecting a positive lasting change in the lives of those you serve.

Practice in developing your unique coaching style, which includes the advantage of having ongoing encouragement and support from a mentor coach as well as invitation to special training sessions to support you as you continue to hone your skills and build your personal coaching business.

Discounted or free admittance to life success skills seminars, workshops and other events facilitated by NLCI trainers.

The opportunity to convert NLCI pro-bono clients into personal paying clients. NLCI believes in supporting you in growing your own business. Many NLCI clients are so impressed with the value that they receive in their 6-week coaching that they decide to remain with their assigned coach long after the pro-bono relationship ends. As a volunteer coach, you may offer your NLCI client the option of becoming your personal paying client. Keep in mind that NLCI clients often come from a disparaging situation and may not be able to afford your normal rates. Some volunteer coaches decide to offer special rates or a sliding fee scale for especially for NLCI clients. Some established coaches offer NLCI services as an alternative option for those clients who cannot afford their regular fees. This is completely at your discretion but the opportunities are endless.

What if I’m not certified can I still become a volunteer?

If you cannot submit proof of prior completion of coach-specific training and/or certification then coach applicants must complete NLCI’s 8-week life coach training diploma program. Our training will provide you with everything you need to know about life coaching. For more information regarding training and registration, please visit the Training page. Once you have completed the training program, you will receive a Diploma of Completion recognizing that you have successfully completed New Life Coach Inc Life Coach Training Program and be eligible to continue with your volunteer application.

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