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Worldwide Coaching and Training Nonprofit

We are The Nation’s 1st Christian 501c(3) Non-profit All-Volunteer Life Coaching Organization established in 2005.

We offer you a Free Life Coach and New Life Coach Training.

Mission statement: Provide low-income individuals and families the resources and tools needed that will empower and help them reach economic independence through coaching. To create that opportunity by collaborating with life coaches,and service providers through our volunteer opportunities, which allows us to come together as partners, to create the necessary supports needed to escape poverty.

Our vision: We would like to see a country free from poverty, where everyone has an equal opportunity to have a home, education and a good job.

Service: Clients are able to receive their very own free life coach, which consist of (2) consecutive, 6 life coaching sessions. We use pro bono certified coaches to provide this service. Our coaches come from all walks of life, specializing in, nutrition coaching, career coaching, wellness coaching, finance coaching, entrepreneurship coaching, transitions coaching, and other life choices coaching. Our staff and coaches are volunteers willing to share their time, resources, and knowledge with people in need. Do you want to become a life coach? We offer the best affordable life coach training in the nation. No matter what country you live, there is a dedicated professional life coach we can assign to you. Whatever your need, we have the right life coach for you.


New Life Coach Inc: helping you achieve your greatest dreams.

New Life Coach Inc. summed up in one word...... "OUTSTANDING". There's a difference between talented and anointed. This team of experts has talent but it's the anointing that sets them apart from the rest.